Ministerial Restoration Program

The Center for Ministerial Care is commissioned to serve as a pastoral care agency to ministers and their families during times of crisis; one of CMC’s primary responsibilities lies in pastoral support to ministers whose ministerial licenses have been terminated. According to the General Assembly Minutes:

Any minister whose credentials have been suspended shall be offered a program of restoration. The restoration process shall involve ministry from the entire church body. The prescribed program of restoration is supervised by the International Executive Council and implemented by a ministry team including, but not limited to the following: the Ministerial Advocate (member of the Executive Committee), the state Administrative Bishop, the local church, a pastoral mentor, a Christian counselor, and the Center for Ministerial Care. The CMC shall coordinate the ministry team and serve in a facilitative and consultative role.

In Florida, the Administrative Bishop is assisted in this process by Dusty Wilson In the spirit of Galatians 6:1, every effort is made by the church to fully restore the minister and assist him and his family through this time of crisis. For more information contact Dusty Wilson at (813) 620-3366 x109, or feel free to contact our International Director of Ministerial Care, Dr. Bill Leonard at (423) 478-7297.


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