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The State Evangelism and Home Missions Department of the Churches of God in Florida has assembled a team of evangelists who are committed to evangelistic ministry in the state of Florida and are available for revival. Please feel free to call one of these evangelists to schedule a revival.

Keith Barron

For the past 37 years, Evangelist Keith Barron has been proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, 27 years as a full-time evangelist. He has ministered in 30 states and in 5 foreign countries. Keith has served 16 years on various boards in the state of Florida including State Youth,  Evangelism and State Council. He is presently serving on the Florida State Evangelism Team, of which he has been a member for more than 14 years. Keith is the State Coordinator for Turning Point Jail and Prison Ministries and is an evangelist in the truest sense of the word. He cares for pastors, the local church and is gifted with a powerful altar ministry which meets the needs of those who come forward.

P. O. Box 999
Durant, FL 33530

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Marilyn Weeks

Evangelist Marilyn Weeks (Ordained) has been in ministry for over 40 years which has entailed ministering God’s Word in preaching, teaching, music, seminars, prayer conferences, community revivals, camp meetings, and various other gatherings on the local, regional, state, national and international levels.  With 24 years of co-pastoral experience there is an understanding of the hearts of pastors and their spouses plus a sincere love for the people of God.  For almost 10 years she has been totally dedicated to evangelism.  She joined the state team in 2006.  Her true concern for people and their relationship with God is what drives this ministry.  Along with the preaching of the Word there is an altar experience that produces true change through God’s annointing.  Many are healed, restored, saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, encouraged and divine direction given.  Bei ng real and available so that God can do through His people what He would like to is her true desire.

15141 Eastwood Trail
Brooksville, FL   34604
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