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Dear Pastor:

In proactive response to COVID-19, we have put together some thoughts and options to consider. In an effort to balance our faith with honor to our local and federal agencies during this turbulent time, we can creatively continue to reach out with the Gospel. We may need to do things a bit differently for the time being but our focus should be instilling greater faith while continuing to minister to our congregation and communities.

Unified in prayer while honoring our local and federal agencies, we will continue to fulfill the Great Commission of sharing the hope that is Jesus.



Timothy E. Brown
Administrative Bishop

In his recent article Should We Have Church Services (located at, Dr. Tim Hill mentioned,

“To stop the spread of the coronavirus and to bring an end to the current crisis, the recommendation has been that our churches follow the advice of their health officials and limit groups from congregating that are greater than 10 people. That may require that small groups, Sunday school classes, and other self-identified groups within the church meet in corporate worship while watching a video presentation of the sermon. It may be that the local church leaders decide not to have any group meetings and only use some form of electronic church.

However, it is important that the corporate body of the local church stay intact as much as possible during this time. How you do that will differ from one church to another. Regardless of which method is chosen, or which process works in your area, the church must remain a community of believers. If we lose that sense of community, we will lose the essence and strength of our Church body.”

Please read the article in its entirety at This website will be continually updated. Reference it often for beneficial information concerning the church and Covid-19.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

***UPDATE*** Be sure to visit for recently updated information concerning SBA Loans for churches!

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), was signed into law by President Trump on Friday, March 27. As previously noted, the legislation contains a revamped loan program through the Small Business Administration (SBA). While historically SBA loans are not available to churches, because of the current coronavirus pandemic, the legislation made an exception and allows nonprofits/churches to receive these governmental guaranteed loans.

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Virtual Church

Exploring ways to connect with your church digitally through various platforms.

Online Giving

Resourcing you with ideas to create opportunities for your congregation to continue to sow into ministry.

General Information

Informing you with some of the latest updates and information concerning COVID-19.