Giving Strategies

It is important to share the ministries that are possible through your church because of giving support. Share your vision. Share the importance of giving and make it easy for people to financially support the church through multiple, convenient methods.

Below are a variety of giving strategies to consider:

A) Communications:

Various methods include:

– Live stream complete service, portions of your service, or a message from the pastor
– Emphasize and help facilitate people getting together in small groups (Zoom Conference, etc.)
– Website and App updates
– Record video to text/email to your attendees
– Send out newsletter via email and/or mail to provide updates, share testimonies, etc.
– Social Media messages and videos

People need to see you and hear your voice.

B) Giving Methods:

Communicate to your church the various giving methods available to them:

1. Mail or drop off giving at the church 

    – Verify your church mailing address is clearly displayed on your communications

    – Have a specific location at the church people can drop off envelopes if there is not a staff person present

2. Website Giving 

    – Include your church website giving link in all your electronic communications.

If you do not currently have online giving in any form, you can set up online giving through the platforms listed at the bottom of this page. You can also use Planning Center’s platform by clicking this link:  Planning Center is a user-friendly platform to set up and utilize (The first 30 days are free and $14 monthly thereafter) .

3. Text to Give

    -This method allows you to give your people a number to text that makes it very easy for them to give. They simply text the number and the amount they want to give. The first the          time they text they will get a response back to enter in their card information, and the next time all they have to do is enter in the amount they want to give.

4. Additional Giving Platform

    – is an online giving platform that offers 3 months free. SecureGive is offering COG pastors a discounted rate after the “3 months free” are completed.