Our Location

Florida COG State Executive Offices

3736 Cragmont Drive
Tampa, FL 33619

 o: 813-620-3366
 f: 813-620-1897

The Directory of Administrative Staff:

Brown, Timothy E. - State Administrative Bishop x123
Crooms, Caleb - State Youth and Discipleship Director  x109
Crooms, Hanah - State Girls Ministries Coordinator x109
Busch, Rose - Administrative Assistant, Youth and Discipleship x 109
Brown, Rhonda - Women's Ministries Director x120
Administrative Assistant, Women's Ministries Department x119
Morris, Randy – Church Ministries Coordinator  x190
Thurmond, Karen - Administrative Assistant, Church Ministries x111
Mainellis, Cindy - Business and Records x 116

Johnson, Pat - Administrative Assistant, Finance Department x117
Stone, Toni - State Treasurer x 115
Odom, Thomas - CGACS Coordinator x 112

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